Ground floor

Shin is a bridge for Brazilians to get to know the different regions of Japan through products that work on the five senses - taste, hearing, vision, smell, and touch. Artists of the likes of Masanobu Ando, Kazumi Tsuji, Ryuji Mitani, and Myoto Akagi will have their work for sale at the house.


1st floor

Gift shop dedicated to disseminating the use and technique of furoshiki, a fabric used in traditional Japanese packaging, as well as bags to carry the snack of the day, gym clothes, or whatever you want. Learn the furoshiki tying technique and embark on this fashion!


Shin and Furoshiki shops
Avenida Paulista, 52 - Ground floor and 1st floor

For more information: +55 11 94779-4177
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