Under the helm of Japanese entrepreneur Kyoko Tsukamoto, Café Sabor Mirai goes beyond gastronomy and reinforces Japanese precepts, such as the expression of the spirit of Kodawari, a Japanese concept concerning professionalism and care for the products and services offered, and Wa, which is related to promoting a balanced environment.

Kyoko Tsukamoto Photo: Richard Cheles

The space favors coffee, demystifying the idea that teas predominate exclusively in Japan. Based on this premise, Drip Coffee - individually filtered coffee - stands out, together with a blend made from special beans produced on the Ipanema Coffees farms, in Minas Gerais, created exclusively for Japan House São Paulo.

The menu also features novelties every season, respecting and highlighting ingredient seasonality. The fixed menu offers delicacies, such as the egg sandwich (made with homemade bread stuffed with eggs, royale ham, cucumbers, and a special blend of mayonnaise), known in Japan as tamago sando, and the classic Chocolate Cake.

Tamago Sando Photo: Richard Cheles

Another important element of Japanese cuisine revealed by Sabor Mirai are the wagashi desserts, traditional candies commonly served with tea, such as shiratama azuki. Options also include the Matcha cake.

Shiratama Azuki Photo: Richard Cheles

To go with moments of relaxation, typical green tea stands out among the items and is offered in two options: The dark green sencha, which is a little more bitter and has a fine sweet aftertaste. The houjicha variety, meanwhile, has a more golden color due to it being roasted on a strong fire, a bland flavor, and lower caffeine concentrations.

The name Sabor Mirai is a pun on the word sabou, which, in Japanese, means a shop that serves coffee and tea, while mirai can be translated as future.


Café Sabor Mirai
Avenida Paulista, 52 - Ground floor

For more information: +55 11 3266-6578
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