次元 Dimension


October 2 to January 9, 2019

Tuesday to Saturday

10 am to 8 pm

Sundays and public holidays

10 am to 6 pm




Inspired by the young and vibrant scene in Tokyo, JAPAN HOUSE São Paulo presents 次元 Dimension, by the duo NONOTAK, which proposes breaking the boundaries of visual arts and architecture. There are three immersive and sensory installations, which are on display from October 2 to January 9, 2019, on the ground floor of the cultural center.

Founded in 2011 by the Japanese architect and musician Takami Nakamoto and the illustrator Noemi Schipfer, NONOTAK’s work is present in presentations, installations, site specifics (work idealized for a specific environment and place), and performances. Held in the most diverse spaces, its works change the visitors’ spatial perspective and enable a new relationship between art, sound, technology, and the audience through a dynamic language. The performance of the collective is a type of tribute to Japanese culture, mixing ancestry and new media in a pioneering and innovative manner. Its kinetic and luminous works, with their own soundtrack, propose an experience that subverts the notions of technology and architecture using a poetic, contemporary perspective.


Curated by THE FORCE, an art technology collective, the 次元 Dimension exhibit leads to reflection on the permanent advancement of technology and its insertion in the universe of arts through three impacting works, such as “Magnitude”, a sensory installation with LED bars and advanced programming that, beginning with the presence of the physical body, proposes a visual immersion mediated by technological interference.


The “Daydream V.5 Infinite” immersive installation is made with a laser projection, mirrors, and sound, which converse with the feeling of infinity and generate spatial distortions that establish a physical connection between real space and virtual space. In it, the spectator is invited to experience a distancing from reality, considering that rays of light are used to generate abstract spaces, while the sound creates echoes of the virtual space.


In addition to enabling viewers to experience what could be a new dimension of reality, artists also use the innovation of lighting techniques to create the work titled “Zero Point Two,” an audiovisual installation made with laser optical fiber in which rays of light shine randomly, developing infinite geometric shapes. Between the creation of a rhombus or a circle, the audience observes the speed of transformation in a space that creates an illusion of the unlimited. Innovating the audience's experience with art and reinventing oneself in the midst of technological advances are the goals of the NONOTAK duo, whose work emphasizes the importance of interaction between the spectator and the work.


“NONOTAK is extremely representative of the contemporary Japanese and international scene. Noemi and Takami are young people with multiple interests and backgrounds, subverting their great knowledge in music, architecture, design, and technology to propose a current, striking dialog that goes beyond language or territory barriers. Through their works they create universal and immediate connections with the audience, who are delighted and allow themselves to be absorbed,” says JAPAN HOUSE São Paulo Cultural Director Natasha Barzaghi Geenen.



The duo formed by Takami Nakamoto and Noemi Schipfer is known for using customized technology and for adopting conventional technology in unconventional ways to generate unique, customized effects. The acclaimed play “Daydream V2” was nominated for the Prix Cube, in 2003, and awarded the Young Guns by the Art Directors Club of New York (ADC), in 2016. NONOTAK was featured in Forbes’ 2016 30 Under 30 Europe for the Arts. Since its inception, NONOTAK has done work for major institutions such as Tate Britain, in London, and developing new performances for music and performance festivals, such as Sónar Barcelona, Sónar Istanbul, TaicoClub, CTM Festival, Day For Night, STRP biënnale, and MUTEK Montreal, among others. One of the duo’s most notable performances was at the Kiyomizu-dera Temple, founded in 798 in Kyoto, Japan, where they performed 'Shiro’ and showed their ability to adapt to the most unusual spaces.


次元 Dimension

JAPAN HOUSE São Paulo – Avenida Paulista, 52 (Ground Floor)

October 2 to January 9, 2019

Opening hours:

Tuesday to Saturday: from 10 am to 8 pm

Sundays and public holidays: from 10 am to 6 pm

Free entrance

Check out the schedule at www.facebook.com/JapanHouseSP/
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