Innovation in Motion

The first edition of Japan House São Paulo’s Innovation in Motion project focuses on carbon neutrality


November 18 to December 11, 2022

Tuesday to Friday

10 am - 6 pm


9 am - 7 pm

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Innovation in Motion

Design and sustainability are on the agenda of the unprecedented project that showcases Japanese initiatives across different sectors. In this first edition, the automotive industry combined with carbon neutrality is highlighted through a 3D projection, a seminar, and demonstrations of vehicles equipped with cutting-edge technology.

The automotive industry and carbon neutrality

One of the main productive sectors in Japan, the auto industry will be the topic of the first edition of Innovation in Motion at Japan House São Paulo, a program that aims to highlight Japan's most innovative activities in different sectors of the economy.

In its premiere, scheduled for November 18 to December 11, the project offers a discussion on the future of mobility and sustainability from the perspective of the Japanese government and industry.

Paris Agreement

In a didactic and technological way, including using 3D projections, Japan House São Paulo presents information and curiosities about the new technologies used in cars powered by hydrogen, electric, or hybrid cells developed by Toyota, along with additional information on the initiatives that Japan has been developing to become a carbon-neutral society by 2050, in line with one of the objectives of the Paris Agreement, a global treaty on climate change.

4 vehicles. 4 different sustainable solutions.

Each week, a different vehicle will be on display at the entrance of JHSP, starting with the model Mirai (powered by hydrogen), followed by the RAV 4 plug-in hybrid, the Lexus UX300e (100% electric), and the Corolla Cross Hybrid, the outcome of a collaboration between Brazilian and Japanese engineers.

Woven City: mobility and sustainability for the future

The first edition of Innovation in Motion will also discuss mobility based on the Woven City, a prototype of a city planned by Toyota, where all ecosystems are interconnected, to help with studies on mobility and sustainability for the future.

"It is a great opportunity to be able to show the progress we have made in the quest for carbon neutrality from the car emissions viewpoint. Toyota has different solutions to combat climate change. It is necessary to get to know them, discuss them, and make them accessible to as many people as possible”, says Viviane Mansi, director of Communications and Sustainability at Toyota for Latin America and the Caribbean.

 Card  com a identidade visual da exposição Innovation in Motion

Conexões JHSP (JHSP Connections): The industry is already moving toward an emission-free future

Expanding the discussion on the topic, on November 18 (Friday), starting at 9:30 am, JHSP promotes the panel JHSP Connections with the title The industry is already moving toward an emission-free future, mediated by the journalist Daniel Gonzales.

During the panel, the vice president for appliances at Panasonic do Brasil, Sergei Epof; Deloitte's Lead Strategic and Regulatory Risk Advisory Partner and ESG Spokesperson, Alex Borges; the Manager of the Sustainable Development Department (DDS) at FIESP, Anicia Pio, and Toyota's director for government affairs, Roberto Braun, will discuss the impact carbon has on the environment and the importance of neutralizing it.

To participate in the free activity, you must register in advance on the Japan House São Paulo website and follow the event live through the link that will be e-mailed to you. The broadcast will also feature simultaneous translation into Japanese.

It will be a unique opportunity for the Brazilian audience to have contact with these projects and learn what is already being developed abroad as possible solutions to global warming.

“The planet’s sustainability is a huge concern for all of us, and Japan has very innovative initiatives and solutions that are still unknown in Brazil. Our idea is to open Japan House São Paulo’s doors to talks about this and other important topics for a sustainable future and actions that our countries can take together for a better future”, remarked Japan House São Paulo president Eric Klug.

Accessible JHSP

Within the Accessible JHSP program, the exhibition ‘Innovation in Motion’ features audio descriptions, sign language, and tactile elements.



Innovation in Motion

Period: November 18 to December 11, 2022
Cost: free admission
The exhibition has accessibility features.

Advance online reservations are optional, but recommended: https://agendamento.japanhousesp.com.br

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