Health security protocol update

Get to know the institution’s current rules in this period

New determinations

Following the determinations announced by the Government of the State of São Paulo, JHSP has updated its operating rules.

COVID-19 | JHSP health security protocol

As the moment remains one of care and attention in the fight against COVID-19, for the safety of all visitors and employees, JHSP may receive up to 80% of its maximum capacity.

So that your experience is special and serene, the institution continues operating under a strict health security protocol. Check it out:

- JHSP employees are required to wear masks;
- The number of visitors has been limited to 80% of the institution’s full capacity;
- Wearing a mask in JH’s internal environments is recommended;
- Social distancing is recommended;
- Hand sanitizer containers are available in several places in the house;
- Disinfectant mats are positioned at the entrances to the institution;
- All environments are being sanitized more often;
- The air conditioning system exchanges 100% of the internal air every 40 minutes;
- Employees have been trained regarding the care needed for the resumption of work at the physical headquarters.

Booking and planning

Advance online booking is optional, although recommended. Book and plan your visit to JHSP.


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