'Japonesia' on display at the Oscar Niemeyer Museum (MON)

The exhibit, of 74 photographs taken by one of the most relevant Japanese artists, is once again welcoming visitors in Curitiba

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The Oscar Niemeyer Museum (MON) and Japan House São Paulo reopen, in Curitiba (PR), the ‘Japonesia’ exhibit, by the young photographer Naoki Ishikawa, considered one of the most relevant artists in the current photography scene in Japan. Scheduled to run at MON until July 4th, 2021, the exhibit is part of a series of exchange actions programmed by the two institutions that foresees exhibits and other cultural and educational activities to be carried out jointly.

'Japonésia' em cartaz no Museu Oscar Niemeyer (MON)

'Japonesia' was conceived by JHSP, which presented this unprecedented exhibit in Latin America between October 2020 and January 2021. Curated by the institution’s Cultural Director, Natasha Barzaghi Geenen, the exhibit, which now arrives in the capital city of Paraná, brings together 74 photographs that are the outcome of several series Ishikawa made over the period ranging from 2009 to 2019. The exhibit reveals peculiarities of the Japanese archipelago, highlighting its diversity of landscapes and cultures, taking visitors on a true expedition through a multiple Japan. The term "Japonesia" was created and conceptualized by the Japanese writer Toshio Shimao to emphasize that the country is a group of islands, which are inseparable, albeit multicultural.

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Creature and creator

In the digital era, Naoki Ishikawa stands out for photographing Japanese landscapes analogically, bringing a unique look to the interaction between nature and the human presence and its cultural traits in these places. With his extensive artistic trajectory, Ishikawa has been showcasing his work with great success in Asia and the United States, in addition to winning awards such as that of The Photographic Society of Japan, in the Lifetime Achievement Award category.

'Japonésia' em cartaz no Museu Oscar Niemeyer (MON)

“Naoki Ishikawa’s work reinforces Japan's strong connection with the sea, highlighting the diversity of natural landscapes particular to each region. It is a beautiful work done by a 21st century artist who urges us to take part in his discoveries. We are pleased to be able to present it in Curitiba for the first time, in an unprecedented and valuable partnership signed on with MON,” said Natasha Barzaghi Geenen.

Oscar Niemeyer Museum CEO Juliana Vosnika says the institutional cooperation emphasizes MON’s intention to broaden horizons.

“We want to go beyond the Eurocentric influence and introduce the visitor to Asian, African, and Latin American art,” she highlighted.

Headquartered on Avenida Paulista, Japan House São Paulo aims to be a base for disseminating different aspects of the Japanese culture, and this association with MON expands the network of connections with other cities and reinforces its move to come closer to the audience in Paraná.

“We continue presenting the Japan of today beyond the walls of our headquarters in São Paulo, and the partnership with MON is one of the important steps taken in this direction. We are happy with this achievement, and with coming closer to the people of Paraná,” emphasizes Japan House São Paulo President Eric Klug.

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'Japonesia', Naoki Ishikawa

February 11 to July 4, 2021
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